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The Book of My 12 year old life

A few years ago, in year 4, I saw this book in the catalogue and I was instantly drawn it after reading the description. Flashback 2 years later, I finally read the book and it didn't disappoint. Despite the relatively easily vocabulary for its target audience, it still inspired me. It was one of the hallmarks of my 12-year-old reading. I was constantly on the edge of my seat as I was reading and it was one of those books I binge-read within a couple of days, then kept on rereading until I got the sequel. I would say this book changed my book preferences.

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You Say You Know Me

hello buddies, this is a poem i wrote it isn't the best just warning you now!!! it is about the life of a teenager and what some teens go through. (again it isn't good you might regret) p.s this is just a poem nothing real in my life or anyone i know see you next time buddies. xxx

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